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   In 2012, I have scored 990/990 on TOEIC on my first attempt on the test.

   In 2013, I have studied abroad to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for their Short Program in Applied Cyber Security. I have learned quite a lot there in a very short timeframe.

   Over the next few years, I have completed several MOOC courses online, including those from edX and coursera. You can see my selected certificates from the LinkedIn profile.

Certificates: テキスト


Certificates: テキスト

Einstein @ Home

I have been participating in Einstein @ Home since 2006. I have contributed the project using many machines, the latest machine having GeForce RTX 2080Ti and 10th Gen. Core i5 CPU. A to total of 8.77 quintillion floating-point operations have been donated to Einstein @ Home. According to Wolfram Alpha, it is  ≈ 40 × peak performance of the Summit supercomputer ( ≈ 200 Peta FLOPS )

Certificates: ようこそ!
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