Mohawk Search
Project Completed. 2003-2016
Thank you so much for using Mohawk Search until 2016! It has been amazing 13 years!
Entire source code of Mohawk Search Engine is available upon request. Contact me at:
Mohawk Search was a search engine built in Perl and MySQL with a scratch- built web crawler.
Mohawk Search could search the original web database, Twitter, and Google+.


Mohawk Search has some DNAs of AltaVista.


Mohawk Search app was available on Google Play. Search for "Mohawk Search" by Ppctweakies

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Mohawk Search is my latest undergoing project. My goal is to make a search engine powered by an intelligent A.I. and will let you discover sites that are unavailable to the regular search engines.
Stay tuned for more information!
Investors: Please contact me via LinkedIn.
NEW: Latest project on MP4 video eye tracking software that outputs eye movements to CSV.
(For Windows 8.1 and up)
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Parallella - Ubuntu 16.04

For my personal project, I recently updated my Parallella to Ubuntu 16.04. I am planning to upgrade it to later versions if possible.

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