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Updated: 2/10/2023 I asked ChatGPT what the fastest search algorithm is.

I asked ChatGPT what the fastest search algorithm is known to man. Inspire Search Corporation creates new and unique search solutions. Feel free to visit our company website at:

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Stable Diffusion GUI App (DiffusionBee) on M1 Macbook Air

This is a stable diffusion GUI app running on M1 Macbook Air. The app's name is DiffusionBee.

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Sigmarion 3 running FreeDOS(98) with Neko Project II

This is a FreeDOS (PC-98 series ver.) running on #Sigmarion3 using Neko Project II.

FreeDOS (PC-98バージョンをシグマリオン3で動かしています。 (Neko Project IIを使用しました。)

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This is a video of me connected to the Parallella running Ubuntu 16.04 via ssh.

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Ariya Virtual Display

This is Nissan's cool Ariya Virtual Display on display at Nissan Pavilion. Taken on 9/2/2020.

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MIT / Kendall / MIT Museum Trip

This is a video of my travel to MIT / Boston / Cambridge, MA in 2018.

Videos: 動画
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